EOS quick-start. [Part 2] — Install from sources.

This is part 2 of EOS quick-start. Please refer to [ Part 1 ] Introduction for basic information on EOS.IO

Installation and configuration

In EOS.IO there are three main progreams that weare going to use througout this tutorials:

  • nodeos is n EOS node daemon
  • keosd is a wallet keys daemon
  • cleos is a cli - command line interface tool

Option 1. Run Docker image

This is the simplest and easiest way. Just run the following command to get into EOS enabled shell:

docker run -it eosio/eos:latest /bin/bash

Option 2. Build using build script

So according to the README on https://github.com/EOSIO/eos, all I need to do to run local testnet is:

git clone https://github.com/EOSIO/eos --recursive
cd eos
git submodule update --init --recursive

# install system wide
cd build
sudo make install

But unfortunately, it failed in my case. So what I did is just open the ./eosio_build.sh  file and follow it step by step and I found the issue, which was for me mongo-cxx-driver and WebAssembly. This is what I had to do to make the script work:

git clone https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-cxx-driver.git --branch releases/stable --depth 1
cd mongo-cxx-driver/build
make EP_mnmlstc_core
make install

git clone https://github.com/WebAssembly/binaryen
cd binaryen
git checkout tags/1.37.14
cmake . && make
mkdir /usr/local/binaryen
cp -r ./bin /usr/local/binaryen

Update 20-June-2018:

In final release ’eosio_build.sh’ build script works and there’s no need to do things manually. But it can take few attempts to install all dependencies and build everything.

Option 3. Build using local Docker file

First we need to create volumes for nodeos and keosd as they are defined as externals to docker containers.

# Create nodeos volume
docker volume create --name=nodeos-data-volume
# Create keosd volume
docker volume create --name=keosd-data-volume
# build and run containers
docker-compose up

This concludes [Part 2] Install from sources of EOS Quick-Start series

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To be continued…


This article is not a financial advice and not an endorsement to use EOS or invest in EOS platform.

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