The problem:

A week ago, after some update(not really sure which one), I faced a very frustrating issue: I could not start my android emulator(AVD) anymore. It failed with a not very informative error:

I say that it is not very  informative because it talks about glx and dri, while the actual problem is with which provided with the Android SDK. So in order to make the Android Emulator work again, we will have tor replace it with the system default

The solution( fixing android emulator)

This fix android emulator assumes that you have android sdk installed at ~/Android/Sdk . This is the default path when installing Android Studio on Linux. If you have it under different directory please replace ~/Android/Sdk with the path to your sdk in the first line.

And that is all, folks. Android Emulator should start properly.

Update 1:

for newer versions of android sdk libstdc was moved inside the emulator folder, so updated path goes like this:

Update 2:

If you cannot see in any of above paths, just make a search for it in your android sdk folder and adjust the path accordingly.

Disclaimer: based on tobias.preuss  answer.

Android emulator fails to start after an update
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