If you, like me, live in country that is unsupported by Google Play Magazines, than you don’t need this app on your phone.
But here is the tricky part:
I have updated my phone firmware with kies to 4.1.2
(I’m talking about Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 BTW, but you can apply this to any phone/firmware with similar problem)
Every thing was great until I noticed a battery drain. So I looked in battery usage statistics, and so there  Google Play Magazines eating my battery for 9 hours(active time). ‘I will just disable this app in application manager’, i thought to my self. But the app wasn’t there. WTF?! I checked the APK in  system/app: it was there. Application manager: no Magazines.

Had I rooted my phone, I would just delete the apk, but I didn’t.

So here is the solution if you find your self in this situation and don’t know what to do:

1. download Magazines.apk
2. enable ‘Settings->Security->Unknown sources’ on your phone
3. install the apk using file manager
4. go to ‘Settings->Application manager->All’ find Magazines and tap it
5. uninstall updates
6. disable

thats it. No root needed.

How to disable Google Play Magazines on Note II(no root)
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